90’s K-Pop playlist

While K-Pop has been garnering interest for the last few years, Korean pop itself has been popular in South Korea for many decades. If you’re new to K-Pop, there’s nothing wrong with looking back how far K-Pop has gone since the 90’s. These are the most popular old school K-Pop songs you should listen:

  1. Shinhwa’s T.O.P
    K-Pop’s longest running idol, 6-member group Shinhwa rocked the late 90’s K-Pop scene with their album, ‘T.O.P’. The group since then has been active until today.
  2. g.o.d’s To My Mother
    Released in 1998, To My Mother is arguably the most popular song g.o.d has released so far. The sad lyric is apparently self-written by the members.
  3. Turbo’s Black Cat
    Dance music group Turbo was an immensely popular group from the mid ’90s to the early 2000s. Black Cat was released back in 1996. Now you can see member Kim Jong Kook as the Running Man’s iconic Spartan

Photo credit: Author via Canva
Video credit: MBCKpop and 5613love on YouTube

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