Inspecting Sunmi’s style

If you were to visit Seoul these past few weeks, there’s one song you’d definitely listen to no matter where you go: Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’. The song was an instant hit among South Koreans; the addicting beat, the expressive performance, and the easy-to-follow dance move contribute to its huge success. Now, in order to celebrate the song’s impressive achievement, we’ll be dissecting some of the clothes Sunmi wore on ‘Gashina’s MV. Check the list below!

  1. Kiko X UNIF Frost Top
    Cr: MakeUs Entertainment

    2. Kiko x UNIF Butterfly Mini Dress

    Cr: UNIF

    3. The Centaur The Quite Lady Dress

    Cr: MakeUs Entertainment

    4. Jeremy Scott Face Print Pleated Skirt

    Cr: MakeUs Entertainment

    Watch ‘Gashina’ MV below!

    Photo credit: Respective owners, featured image from SBS Pop Asia
    Video credit: 1theK official YouTube channel

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