Who’s ready for the #MolladoChallenge?

Everyone’s going crazy over one of Seungri’s new songs in his new album.

Mollado, one of the collab songs in The Great Seungri’s albums, is starting a new dance and social craze in South Korea.

Mollado is giving everyone a latin vibe despite being a Korean song.

Indeed, Seungri’s collaboration with iKON’s leader, Hanbin, proves that music has no boundaries.

It can gather everyone from all over the world and enjoy a common happiness despite the language differences.

Mollado was written Seungri and iKON’s Hanbin. The song was produced by iKON’s Hanbin, Seungri, and Future Bounce.

Check out some of the viral #MolladoChallenge here:

Check out more of the #Mollado Challenge! Enjoy!

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