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Is Dispatch secretly attacking YG Entertainment, once again? 

The #ShutdownDISPATCH trended worldwide when Dispatch released false rumors about Mino performing in a club during a pandemic, when the truth is, Mino sang a song in front of his private friends at a private guest house.

Netizens believed that this was a media play because Dispatch released the false rumors against Winner’s Mino when YG Entertainment just released about Treasure’s debut and Bigbang Taeyang’s documentary.

Due to the false news by Dispatch, many K-pop fans from different fandoms believed Dispatch and threw hurtful words against Winner’s Mino.

However, just days later, Dispatch also released that K-pop idols, BTS’s Jungkook, Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, Seventeen’s Mingyu, and NCT’s Jaehyun, had spent a fun time at a restaurant and clubs near Itaewon. It was also leaked by some netizens who spotted the idols in the area.

Later on, Big Hit Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and Fantagio Entertainment released their apology letters regarding their artist’s actions during the pandemic.

However, some netizens are still angry at Dispatch as Dispatch created false news against YG Entertainment’s artist and for reporting late about the other artists when Dispatch already knew about all the details all along.

That’s when the #ShutdownDISPATCH trended worldwide as some fans felt that Dispatch is specially attacking YG Entertainment artists.

This is not the first time that Dispatch have released news everytime YG Entertainment made an announcement.

Just a few months ago, when Dispatch released news about iKON’s former member B.I.’s alleged drug usage just when iKON revealed that they’re already preparing for another long-awaited comeback. B.I. later on resulted negative for drug usage, however, the damage has been done already to the artist. Meanwhile, the girl who allegedly leaked the news to Dispatch who was famous for being linked with drug issues, continue to be free of charge until today.

Do you think Dispatch is especially attacking YG Entertainment’s artists? Let us know your thoughts below! 



  1. HELL YEh They are attacking YG entertainment since 2014. Every since bom drugsmuggling scandals broke out, gdragon dissed mama everything went down hill. We suspect a high group called CJE&M who is linked to dispatch and koreaboo to have been going at YG. Just who is profiting from this?

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