Blackpink Lisa

Blackpink Lisa is receiving death threats and fans are worried about Blackpink Lisa’s safety.

While the Blackpink members remain to be busy preparing for their comeback this June, fans went crazy when some unknown netizens revealed death threats against Blackpink Lisa.

Fans went crazy when a Twitter account posted:

“Once BLACKPINK has their comeback stage, I am going to shoot BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and you can say goodbye to your bias because that’s the last time you’ll ever see her ugly face again.”

While an Instagram account posted:

Blackpink Lisa

Another Instagram account also posted:

Blackpink Lisa

The Thai Embassy in Korea responded to these death threats towards the Thai K-pop idol:

“From May 2 to 6, we have received many e-mails and Direct Messages (DMs) regarding the threats made online against Lisa’s life.”

The Thai embassy also reported that they already notified YG Entertainment regarding this matter.

YG Entertainment responded right away:

“At YG Entertainment, we are doing our best for the safety and protection of our artists and fans,”

“We are aware of this current situation, and not only are we doing our own constant monitoring, but we are also collecting and going through information sent to us by fans. We will be taking strong action against these threats.”



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