SNSD made an appearance on ‘Knowing Brother’

Girls’ Generation makes sure that their fans are entertained as the group celebrates their 10th anniversary. As promised, the 8 girls appeared on popular TV shows; such as ‘Knowing Brother’, ‘Running Man’ and ‘Happy Together’. The ‘Knowing Brother’ episode featuring the girl group was extremely well-received in Korea – since viewers are impressed by their teamwork and wit. The members even candidly mentioned that host Heechul had quite an impressive dating history.

Controversy regarding the length of the promotion

After cutting short EXO’s promotion for ‘Ko Ko Bop’, SM Entertainment is, once again, in hot water. While the company promised that Girls’ Generation would be promoting for a whole cycle (usually 4 weeks or more), the group is reported to be ending their promotion only after a week.

Photo credit: niness0805 via Naver Blog

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