Accident took place 2 days ago

SNSD leader Taeyeon caused a 3-way car accident in Gangnam. Her Mercedes-Benz collided against a K5 taxi and an Audi. The driver of the two vehicles were injured and were brought to the hospital.The injured taxi passengers were also receiving medical aid due to the cuts they suffered from broken glass shards. Taeyeon was also rushed to the hospital after she experienced chest pain, most likely caused by the car’s air bag that deployed after the accident.


Despite causing the accident, various victims’ accounts have called out Taeyeon for being inconsiderate toward other victims. The accounts also complained about the unjust treatment faced by the victims when the emergency medical technician treated Taeyeon ahead of other victims with more serious injuries. Conflicting accounts have surfaced since then.

We’ll keep you updated.

Photo credit: Xsportsnews via Naver

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