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YG Entertainment reveals why their newest Dance-Vocal academy is worth the experience.


After years of planning, YG Entertainment officially opens their newest dance-vocal academy to the public.

Now the questions is, what makes YG Entertainment’s new dance-vocal academy worth the experience?

X Academy’s Co-CEO, Kim Woo Jin, revealed three amazing reasons why YG’s X Academy is worth enrolling at:

  1. Your ticket to YG Entertainment.

    Do you want to become a part of YG Family? If you think you know and have what it takes to be part of YG Entertainment, then X Academy is the best ticket for you. You can now show to all YG Staff your talent in person by becoming one of X Academy’s students.

    YG Entertainment will make you become one of their trainees once you show and prove to them your incredible skills as an artist.

  2. Meeting YG Entertainment’s Renowned Choreographers and Dancers from around the world.

    We all know that YG Entertainment do not limit their selves. They always want to give amazing and world class experience for their artists in honing their talents.

    Becoming a student in X Academy, you’ll get amazing opportunity to be trained by YG’s world-renowned choreographers and dancers. You’ll also get the chance to meet foreign choreographers that are truly respected in their respective field.

  3. Getting the chance to meet YG Entertainment’s artists.

    Let’s face it, we all know how amazing it would be to meet YG Entertainment artists. Before they opened X Academy to the public, Yang Hyun Suk released dance teasers of YG artists, like iKON’s DK, Blackpink’s Lisa, and Winner’s Seunghoon. So I guess, these artists, or at least any YG artists will show up randomly in the academy.

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