The long wait is over!

On August 3, 2017 Wanna One’s reality program “Wanna One Go” Episode 1 aired. At the ending of the program, they announced the official title track of the debuting group.

Previously, Wanna One asked the national producers to pick (once again) their official title track. Two tracks were given and it was revealed through each members’ teaser. They even did a creative way on asking national producers on what song to pick.

The two choices were “Burn it Up” and “Energetic”. In the end, Wanna One will debut with “Energetic” which was composed by Flow Blow and PENTAGON’s Hui, and was written by Hui and Wooseok who’s also a member of Pentagon.

“Energetic” got 2,692,776 votes while “Burn it Up” got 2,227,041.

Wanna One will debut this coming August 7. They are also appearing on several variety programs such as Weekly Idol, Knowing Brothers, SNL 9 Korea and more.

Check out the new teaser with “Energetic” below:

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