Lolita is a fashion subculture in Japan that generally features Victorian-era clothing and is meant to imbibe a youthful and innocent appearance. While it mainly started of as a Fashion statement, many people have come to enjoy adapting the “Lolita Lifestyle”. Often interacting within the Lolita community, projecting ladylike personalities and taking up hobbies such as embroidery, baking and other old-fashioned feminine hobbies – ultimately abiding by a philosophy of living beautifully.

A Lolita outfit is composed of basic key elements of clothing such as the following: head wear, blouse, bell-shaped skirt, bloomer, socks, and shoes. 


From these basic key pieces, the mixing and matching of different clothing and accessories will form different versions of the Lolita fashion. Hence, a variety of Lolita styles began emerging not only in Japan but across Asia and even gaining popularity in the West.

So here are the main variations of the Lolita Style although there are still more types not mentioned for they are more of a cross combination between the four.


Otherwise known as GothLoli, this type of Lolita style is a combination of Gothic and Lolita fashion. Hence, a distinct feature for any GothLoli is adapting black clothing combined with other darker and richer colors such as purple, burgundy and the likes. Makeup for this type of Lolita can range depending on the outfit and occasion – from a light natural look to a dramatic smokey eye with a dark red lip. One common mistake by beginners of this style is their excessive use of black lipstick and whiteface which takes away the elegance of being a Lolita. Such look is advisable only for stage make up use if needed.  



Many prefer the Sweet Lolita style among all other variations mainly because it shows the true essence of being a Lolita – giving off that innocent and whimsical look. It is characterized by child-like motifs such as fairytales and fantasies and incorporates the heavy use of bows, ruffles and ribbons of light shades and pastel colors. Natural make up ,pigtails and bouncy curls are the common look for a sweet Lolita. They are often seen touting around toys, cupcakes, cherries and other tea party-like ensemble.



What makes the Classic Lolita style different from the rest is that it is subdued in nature .The aim of a Classic Lolita is to look classy, mature  and more sophisticated with its use of small, intricate patterns, muted colors on the fabric and overall design. It departs from the usual over-the-top attention grabbing garments which can even pass for as a garden party, church or summer dress.



Punk Lolita incorporates steam punk motifs into the Lolita fashion. Sometimes known as Lolita Punk, it is perhaps one of the most challenging styles of Lolita as only someone with full knowledge of both Lolita fashion and Steam Punk can completely pull it off. In its most simple form, Lolita Punk is the rebel version of a Lolita.

Accessories and fabric choices are very important to the nature of this style where deconstructed fabrics, fishnets, chains and studs are good choices.


So there you go! Those are just a few examples of the different Lolita styles you can choose from depending on your own preference.

So let me ask you again, what’s you Lolita style?

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