EXO’s sub unit EXO-CBX is back!

It’s been almost two years since EXO-CBX debuted with their track “Hey Mama” and now, they have released another Korean album with title track “Blooming Days” perfect for the season.

On April 10 6PM KST, one of the most popular sub unit from SM Entertainment dropped their second mini album “Blooming Days” with same title track and the music video for it.

“Blooming Days” is a pop dance track that fits well with EXO-CBX’s signature tone. The track narrates one’s confession of his love.

Unlike their debut track “Hey Mama” that showed the goofiness of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin, “Blooming Days” gives off more of a mature boyfriend vibe.

Check out their latest music video here:



Which do you prefer, their debut track or their new song entitled “Blooming Days”?

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