korean skincare tips

Learn how to apply your makeup easily with out popular hacks!

  1. Pick the right foundation by applying foundation samples on your neck and not on your wrist or forearm. You will get the right tone easily!
  2. The quickest way to brighten up your eyes is to use a highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes, at the center of your eyelids and a little bit below your eyebrow.
  3. Dark under-eye circles is definitely one of the biggest problems that most of us face. Luckily, there’s a hack for that. Use red lipstick to followed by your favorite concealer to hide dark under-eye circles.
  4. No time for lipstick touchup? Make your lipstick last longer by dusting off translucent powder on top and you’ll never worry about your lipstick coming off again!
  5. No blush? No problem! Use your lipstick or lip liner to add some color to your cheeks! Letting your products multitask is one of the best makeup hacks you will ever know. Eyeliners can serve as eye brow fillers and double as an eyeshadow if you blend it well.

How about you? Do you know any makeup hacks? Please share it with us below! Thanks for dropping by in our blog!

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