V-neck Dress

A v-neck dress is not only a flattering style out of the neckline types but it also helps elongate the body frame. Show some skin on your décolletage and back which is quite revealing and sexy, depends on how low the neckline is. Stay away from crew or square necklines as it only widens the upper body and it will definitely make you look shorter. Buy this black v-neck dress at Ulzzang Style!


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Vertical Stripes Slim-Fit High-Neck Top

Any vertical details, even if it’s not stripes, can visually elongate and create a slim figure. If there are areas you want to lengthen, always go for the vertical style version! If you’re not a fan of dress, then a vertical patterned blouse is the way to go!


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Cropped Tailored Pants

Skinny or straight-leg cuts like cropped tailored pants are perfect with loose tops and they can actually make your legs look longer. If you’re wearing a solid color top, go for a vertical patterned pants.


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Skinny Belt

Chunky belts may look very stylish but they can also eat your whole outfit and make you appear shorter. Skinny belts however are simple additions to your outfit and will not overpower your look. Make sure the color of your belt will complement the color of your outfit.


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Peep-Toe Heels with Cutout Detail

Heels are very important when it comes to footwear of a petite woman. Peep toe heels with cutout details isa very stylish footwear that will surely look good when paired with any outfit. The peep toe design visually lengthens your legs. Go for neutral colors when buying shoes like these as they blend well in any color.


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