YG Entertainment and iKON were surprised to witness iKON’s intense popularity in the Philippines.


YG Entertainment underestimated the number of iKON fans in the country.

YG Entertainment and iKON’s Continue Tour handler expected only 6,000 concert attendees but more or less 18,000 Filipino iKONICS went to the event which forced the concert handler to open more seats even at the last minute.

A lot of Filipino iKON fans didn’t make it to the concert because the iKON’s Continue Tour in Manila was sold out.

Many fans camped outside the venue of the concert, hoping that the concert handler would open more tickets for iKON’s concert, but iKON’s concert was already sold out that they can no longer give more people tickets for iKON’s concert.

YG Entertainment didn’t see this coming as they initially sold only 2/3 of the seats of the venue. But later on, due to the requests of many iKONICS, iKON’s concert handler in the Philippines, opened all the seats in the venue and all additional tickets were sold out in just seconds.

Despite adding more seats for iKON’s concert, it’s still wasn’t enough for the number of fans who came to the event venue.

Fans already came to concert event at 6:00 AM even if the concert is still at 8:00 PM. A lot of iKON fans camped outside the venue. Filipino iKONICS were already singing their lungs out since 6:00 in the morning until the end of the concert.

iKON’s official merch, especially the KonBat, were all sold out. Some fans attended the concert with no lightstick on hand. Many iKONICS also gave out free iKON banners, photo cards, headbands, water, and more to their fellow iKON lovers.


Check out some amazing videos during iKON’s Continue Tour in Manila:


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