Songs Dedicated For iKONICS

Guess who is iKON’s number one inspiration when writing or producing songs? Yes, none other than iKONICS.

Despite being YG Entertainment’s youngest boy group, it’s not a secret how much struggle every iKON member has been through just to get where they are today.

Every iKON member deserves to be part of iKON after surviving two survival shows.

Many people doubted iKON before. Some people called iKON as “YG’s Flop Group,” “A Japanese group,” and “A Group With No Visual and No Vocals.”

Being compared to the senior artists of YG Entertainment such as Bigbang and 2ne1 who had set really high standards not just in YG Entertainment, but in the K-pop industry as a whole, iKON received never ending criticisms from some K-pop fans.

But everything changed when iKON’s Love Scenario became one of the legendary songs in the K-pop industry.

Despite being a two-year-old group, iKON already created a song that snatched the hearts of the entire Korean community.

News outlets and Koreans consider iKON as “The Digital Kings” and “The President Of Korean Elementary Students,” as Love Scenario became Korean kids’ national anthem.

Despite the popularity that iKON is receiving right now, iKON members did not forget one of their motivations behind their success— their fandom, the iKONICS.

Do you know that iKON already have five songs written only for their fandom?

Watch iKON’s top five amazing songs dedicated to iKONICS:

1. Wait For Me 

Wait For Me was written by Hanbin way back WIN era, pre-debut days. WIN (Who Is Next) is iKON’s first survival show. The song is basically about iKON telling iKONICS to patiently wait for them to debut.


2. Don’t Forget

iKON’s Don’t Forget is part of their Return Album. If you want to know why this became a fan song, listen to the song and listen to the lyrics well.


3. Long Time No See

Long Time No See was released during Mix&Match era, pre-debut days. After losing to Winner in WIN, iKON became a part of another survival show called Mix&Match where the official seven members of iKON were formed. The song was written by iKON’s leader, Hanbin, simply telling to iKONICS that it’s been a long time since the last time they met each other.

4. M.U.P.

M.U.P. basically means that iKON members want to make iKONICS proud. M.U.P. stands for “Make You Proud.” This song was part of iKON’s debut album.

5. I’ll Give It To You/ For You

Last, but not the least, is iKON’s newest fan song, “I’ll Give It To You/For You.” This song was written by Hanbin as a reminder for all iKONICS that iKON members think of them as every member’s motivation in doing what they do. While iKONICS always tell iKON how much they love and protect the K-pop group. This time, it’s iKON who are telling their entire fandom that they will protect and love all iKONICS with all that they have. Sounds so sweet? Wait until you see the entire lyrics.


iKON also wrote a song for their family, friends, and about their individual struggle during WIN. The song is called “Climax,” it is one of the must-listen songs of iKON. Prepare your tissues because this song will surely make you cry. Don’t forget to turn on CC for English subtitles.



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