The Mohawk: There are different lengths of Mohawk and it is up to you on how high you want it to be. Low Mohawk hairstyles are easier to take care of than high ones. The secret to create a unique Mohawk look is to color your hair in different color other than the usual ones. Purple, Orange and Red, choose a color that suits your skin color and style. Mohawks are perfect for summer season and it never hurts to try this hairstyle out!


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The Side Part Hairstyle: This hairstyle never gets old even though new hairstyles emerge in the Beauty industry. This hairstyle is simple yet versatile so you can sport it in a party, at school or even in formal occasions. Level up your look by adding highlights to your hair or changing your hair color.


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The Buzz Hairstyle: This haircut is like the sleek version of a very low Mohawk. It is a simple hairtsyle in general and I guess it’s safe to say that most men have probably sported this haircut at one point in their lives.


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The Quiff Hairstyle: Celebrities like Miley Cyrus have sported this hairstyle which is why this is perhaps one of the versatile haircut there is today. Blone hair color really works well with this style so if you want to try something trendy, this look is definitely for you.


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