Not all people are born with beautiful skin and even if we all were born with it, we still have to do things to maintain the beauty of our skin. Korean women are the epitome of beautiful skin so it doesn’t hurt to follow their Golden Rules with regards to beauty. While doing their skin care regimen doesn’t change anything overnight, at least we are one day closer to achieving a poreless smooth complexion! 1. Start young in preventing wrinkles. Anti-aging creams keeps the wrinkles at bay so starting early is the key. As the popular saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. 2. Double cleansing is an essential step in beauty regimens. Most Koreans use cleansing oil as the first step and followed by a cleansing foam. 3. It’s all about hydration. Intensive moisturizing is a must in any Korean skin care. Hydrating masks, moisturizing creams, essences, serums and skin oils are products you can use to further your moisturizing step.


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4. Don’t skip your toner. Toners help even out the skin tone and some can help tighten the pores or are incorporated with anti-aging properties. Some Korean women just use their hands to apply toner on their skin and pat it slowly. 5. Use skin essences. They say that this beauty product is for everybody. Find a product that works with you and stick to it. 6. Always moisturize every day. Most of us think that because sometimes our skin is oily in summer, we can skip moisturizing. The solution is to use water-based moisturizers that are not as heavy as creams that we use during winter. 7. Buy products with natural ingredients. Most beauty products are chemically loaded which may be bad for our health. Organic products and those that are made from natural resources should always be your first option when shopping.


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8. Always apply sunscreen before going outside. Premature aging is one of the effects of too much sun exposure. If you’re in a rush, use multi-purpose products like BB Creams with SPF so you will still have some protection against the harsh UVA/UVB rays without taking so much time.

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