Treasure13 haven’t debuted yet but they already received crazy love from their international fans in Indonesia.

On March 19, as Treasure13 members were about to get into their flight back to Korea, many Indonesian fans waited for them at the airport.

When Treasure13 members arrived at the airport, fans went wild approaching the Treasure13 members.

The fans were so close that they can already touch them.


Fans were also seen pushing and shouting out of excitement and happiness for getting the chance to see Treasure13 members in person.

YG Entertainment’s staff tried to protect the members but they were outnumbered by the number of fans who waited for YG’s newest boy group.

Only a few guards were seen guarding the members from the crowd.


YG Entertainment has not yet announced Treasure13’s exact debut date but YG’s newest boy group were already seen shooting for a show which will be announced soon.

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