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Are YouTube videos about K-pop news, truly credible and are worthy of our trust?

Recently, some BTS fans accused Yang Hyun Suk with jealousy over BTS’ success based on the false interpretation of a Korean article written by a Korean reporter.

BTS fans thought that YG dissed BTS’ success based on a Korean article that was wrongly translated by BTS fans. BTS fans thought that the article said that it was YG who said that the reason behind BTS’ success is social media.

The truth was then revealed, it was not YG who said it but the writer of the article.

It was just translated poorly by non-Korean fans. The ugly side is that many easily believed that YG dissed BTS when the truth is YG never mentioned such words and is too busy to hold for an interview.

After the issue was cleared out, YouTube channels posted videos accusing YG Entertainment of jealousy over BTS.

K-Buzz channel in one of their videos mentioned that “Many people have claimed that YG is the king of media-play with the fact that they has used the name of BTS to media play for the idols from their company.” Then the video mentioned the Korean article that was misinterpreted and spread by BTS fans.

Did YG groups really use BTS name for media play?

This shows that some YouTube channels report false news, reporting news that were not verified. Unfortunately, many people easily believed it.

Do you know other YouTube videos or YouTube channels that report fake news about K-pop? Comment it below!

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