iKON Fans

iKON’s Fans Receive Biggest Valentine Surprise From iKON

iKON just revealed a huge Valentine surprise for iKONICS and most iKONICS don't know about it yet! Valentine's day was long overdue but for iKON's fandom, everyday feels like Valentine's...
YG Trainees

Former YG Trainees To Debut Under Vine Entertainment

YG Entertainment's former trainees, Jinny Park and Denise Kim, are set to debut soon! Two of YG Entertainment's former trainees are finally debuting soon with a new girl group. After Jinny...
Blackpink Rosé

Blackpink Rosé Gifts Fans A New Official Audio Cover Song of ‘Eyes Closed’

Blackpink's Rose surprised everyone when she released an official audio cover of Halsey's "Eyes Closed" on her birthday. Blinks are being spoiled in 2019 as Blackpink continues to dominate the...
Sulli Found Dead

Singer-Actress Sulli Found Dead At Age 25

SM Entertainment's artist and actress, Choi Jin-ri, who is publicly known as Sulli, was found dead inside her Seongnam apartment in South Korea.  Sulli's manager found Sulli's dead body and...
Chanel Coco Crush

Blackpink & iKON Attend Chanel’s ‘Coco Crush’ Fashion Event

Blackpink's Jennie and iKON's Bobby were invited and attended Chanel's Coco Crush fashion event.   Jennie and Bobby were looking so elegant yet trendy last night in Chanel's Coco Crush fashion...
Blackpink Jisoo Sister

Blackpink Jisoo’s Goddess Sister Is Gaining Attention From K-pop Fans!

Blackpink Jisoo's sister surprised fans when she posted a photoshoot photos showing her true visuals! It looks like Blackpink Jisoo's family is full of visuals when K-pop fans saw Jisoo's...
BLACKPINK at Coachella

Jaden Smith Meets & Hugs BLACKPINK at Coachella

Jaden Smith finally met Blackpink at Coachella! Recently, a video of Blackpink and Jaden Smith has gone viral online when the two phenomenal surperstars from the east and the west...

[OP-ED] What Lesson did We Learn from Jonghyun’s Death?(Part 2)

Why his death is important To think how lonely he had been during the final days, or even minutes, of his life still brought tears to my eyes. Many others,...

Momoland Reveal Their Top 3 Favorite K-Pop Groups

Who are the top three K-pop groups that influenced Momoland members to become idols?   Recently, Momoland had a short interview with an American YouTube channel where they were challenged not...

Blackpink Jennie’s Breathtaking Fan-Taken Photos That You Need To See!

Blackpink Jennie is one of the biggest superstars not just in the K-pop scene, but truly in the world today. As she shows visual perfection from head to toe, there's...

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