Best Photo Apps

A must for any ulzzang Having photo-editing apps is a must for anyone these days, especially ulzzang. Using the right app, you can easily alter your appearance and make you...
iKON Member

iKON Member To Open His Personal YouTube Channel

iKON Bobby revealed that the group's maknae will be soon opening his YouTube channel! Recently, iKON had their first ever livestream on Instagram. With no make-ups on, with their natural...

Dress Like an Ulzzang

Fashion tips on how to dress like an ulzzang Being an ulzzang isn't only about knowing your selfie angles, putting on makeup, and in general, looking good. To be an...
2018 Melon Music Awards

iKON’s Uncut Performance At 2018 Melon Music Awards

If you want to see the full video of iKON's performance at 2018 Melon Music Awards without the camera moving, then we got you!   iKON's performance at 2018 Melon Music...
New Dating Rumors

New Dating Rumors Surround CUBE Entertainment

Due to having more dating rumors, fans are now calling Cube Entertainment as "Cupid Entertainment." After Hyuna and E'Dawn confirmed their relationship, more dating rumors within Cube Entertainment artists emerge. The...
K-Pop In America

BLACKPINK Represent K-Pop In America, Take Hollywood By Storm!

YG Entertainment's Blackpink just shown America the powerful side of K-pop through their phenomenal live performances at Coachella, American show appearances, and their North American Tour! Blackpink has been staying...
iKON Chanwoo

iKON Chanwoo Performs Solo Rap On Stage

iKON Chanwoo is making the hyungs proud! Or not?     Recently, iKON had their Kolorful private stage in celebration to their 1000th day since debut. iKON's maknae, Jung Chanwoo or also known...
Top 5 K-pop

Top 5 K-pop Boy Groups With Live Powerful Vocals

Which K-pop group has the most powerful vocals during live performances? Check out Ulzzang's top 5 K-pop boy group with powerful live vocals when singing live!   1.iKON iKON, a two-year-old group, is...
2ne1 Members

2ne1 Members Rumored To Drop New Songs

Are 2ne1 members coming to your area?   It looks like 2ne1's comeback performance is going to be different from what everyone's expectations. After 2ne1's disbandment, people were disappointed not being able...

Daragon Fever Continues!

Are you ready for more Daragon ?   (c) Owner (Picture not owned by Ulzzang Style)   Daragon followers are indeed blessed! Last September 1, Daragon fans were blessed to experience the Daragon...

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