Epik High PAK

Epik High Receive Their First PAK!

YG continue to reign!   Epik High bring another pride for YG Entertainment as their newly released track titled Love Story featuring IU grabs a PERFECT ALL-KILL!  It didn't take long for...

iKon B.I.’s Song Plagiarized By A Vietnamese Rapper

A Vietnamese rapper received backlash after plagiarizing one of iKon B.I.'s songs. The new year isn't that good for Lil Shady, a Vietnamese rapper who was accused of plagiarizing one...
iKON Members

iKON Ju-Ne Bravely Posts Sexy Photo On Instagram, iKON Members React

Are you ready for iKON Ju-Ne's thirst-quenching surprise? It's not been long since iKON members created their personal Instagram accounts. Recently, iKON Ju-Ne's personal Instagram account reached one million followers. To celebrate...
2ne1 Dara

G-Dragon Marks Another World Record

G-Dragon has conquered the world. BIGBANG is not just successful as a group but they are also successful artists individually, and G-Dragon is the biggest proof of that. After BIGBANG's very...
idol school trip ep 1

Idol School Trip Ep.1- Eng Sub

Idol School Trip is an entertaining show that allows YG Entertainment's iKon to experience a school trip which most of them haven't experienced yet. Most members of iKon spent...
Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi Rumored To Be The Newest Artist Of YG Entertainment’s Sub-Label

Is Jeon Somi joining YG Entertainment's sub-label?   After leaving JYP, Jeon Somi, who was first known as the face of JYP Entertainment, is rumored to be joining YG Entertainment's sub...
Goo Hara Found Dead

Kpop’s Beauty Icon Goo Hara, Found Dead At Age 28

Kara's visual, Goo Hara, found dead at her home in Seoul, South Korea on the evening of November 24, 2019. After the death of Sulli, her best friend— Goo Hara,...

Ulzzang Selfies

She is definitely an Ulzzang ! Look at these Ulzzang Selfies that will greatly captivate you :) She is 김슬기 From South Korea and Here are some of her SELFIES that will...

KFC China Plagiarizes BLACKPINK’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du?

KFC China is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing Blackpink's Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. Did KFC China just straightly plagiarized the official music video of Blackpink's Ddu-Du Ddu-Du? When KFC China released their commercial...
iKON Reality Shows

Top 5 iKON Reality Shows That Everyone Must Watch

Are you craving to see more iKON reality shows?   iKON TV has been one of the most talked-about shows recently. Everyone was just surprised at how naturally hilarious and genuine...

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Gabriela Dancers

Blackpink’s Jaw-dropping Reaction To Filipino’s Gabriela Dancers

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Blackpink Rose

[VIDEO] Blackpink Rosé Receives Warm Support In France

Blackpink Rose arrived at Paris and received a warm welcome from international fans. International K-pop fans were in awe upon seeing Blackpink's Rose in person...
Jay Park

Jay Park Calls BIGBANG “The Greatest Boyband In K-pop History”

Jay Park bravely posted on Twitter that Bigbang might be the "Greatest Boyband in K-pop History."  Jay Park slams all haters and proudly shares his...