SEVENTEEN’s latest unit called BSS has debuted!

Unlike their previous units: Vocal, Dance and Rap this new unit is a special one.

Consists of members Seungkwan, Hoshi, And DK, they call themselves as BSS, that stands for “BooSeokSoon” which combines the real name of the three members.

On March 21, 6PM KST the new sub unit from Pledis Entertainment released the single entitled “Just Do It”.

The track is co-produced by none other than SEVENTEEN’s music genius Woozi and it’s an energetic track that still gives off the signature sound of their group. The lyrics were written by the unit members Seungkwan, Hoshi, DK and Woozi participated as well.

The trio didn’t record a new music video but instead, they showed their performance of “Just Do It” from the previous fan meeting of SEVENTEEN.

Congrats on your debut,“BooSeokSoon”!Watch the music video here!

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