BLACKPINK Officially Becomes Global Artists, YG Partners With US Record Label

YG Entertainment officially partners with America's biggest and powerhouse music label. Blackpink will soon be going global.   Blackpink officially becomes one of the global artists of Interscope Records & Universal...

Fantastic K-Pop Piano Cover Channels

Bringing a new taste to K-Pop K-Pop music is often described as colorful, lively, and upbeat. K-Pop songs are the perfect working out companion since you can't help but feeling...
Bang Yedam

Treasure’s Bang Yedam To Have Solo Debut Before Treasure’s Group Debut

Before the official debut of Treasure, Bang Yedam is set to debut as a solo YG artist first! After years of being trained under YG Entertainment and enduring all obstacles...

[HOT!] iKON’s Newest Individual IG Accounts Officially Revealed

Yes, it's official!   iKON drops another amazing surprise for all iKONICS around the world! Today, iKON posted a group photo on their @withikonic Instagram account. And yes, you guessed it right! iKON...
Kreisha Chu

Kreisha Chu Releases Christmas Song Cover of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

Kreisha Chu gave her fans a treat with her Christmas song cover of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." It's been awhile since we heard Kreisha's vocals....
Blackpink Jennie

Yang Hyun Suk Congratulates BIGBANG & Blackpink Jennie

YG Entertainment continues to celebrate more milestones of their artists. BIGBANG's dance practice for Bang Bang Bang and Blackpink Jennie's dance practice video for Solo both achieved 100,000,000 views...
Kings of K-Pop

Top 10 Reasons Why BIGBANG Are The “Kings of K-Pop” [PART 1]

Why do people always say that BIGBANG are the "Kings of K-Pop?" If you are new to the K-pop industry, you must be probably one of the people who are...
SNSD Taeyeon

SNSD Taeyeon Drops New Teaser For ‘Something New’

Taeyeon is back with 'Something New.' After more than two years, Taeyeon is finally back with a new solo track called 'Something New.' After everything that Taeyeon has been through last...
EXO Baekhyun

EXO Baekhyun Releases New Song “Candy”

EXO fans are up for a treat as Baekhyun releases new song "Candy." Baekhyun finally releases new song for all K-pop fans to enjoy. Get to watch a cute side of...

Former Infinite member Hoya creates new Twitter account!

Former Infinite member Hoya creates a new Twitter account! Ahead of his solo debut, Hoya created a new official account on Twitter to relay all of his future activities. The account...

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